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Saturday, December 16, 2006

سلوى لن تعود/ Salwa is not going back.

A Palestinian man once told me his story of departure, so I wrote this poem:
:التقيت برجل فلسطيني وحدثني قصه رحيله فكتبت هذا الشعر

سلوى لن تعود
تذكرت رحيلها
في الساعه الرابعه صباحاً
قبل اربعين عام

تركت شفاعمرو
سياره محمله
بحقائب السفر
اناس يودعون
وسلوى شهدت
وهي على قيد الحياه

Salwa is not going back.
She remembers her departure
at four in the morning
fourty years ago
she left Shfa’amr
a car loaded with
traveling luggages
passed as
people were waving
and Salwa witnessed
her funeral alive.


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