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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Kill me in your poems

Kill me in your poems
one time or more,
transform me in your
into melted iron
that burns the earth
at the end of the world
as the Zoroastrians say.

Burn your poems that
mention me…
one by one,
with no exception
but please keep
the ashes
so they remind you of
the impossibility of
divorcing suffering from love

Love me like a great
poet, be my
Nizar Qabbani,
who becomes a prophet,
if his lover,
loves him.
who asks his lover
to attack him with her
breasts, hungry wolves…
chewing him slowly.

maybe if you kill me
in your poems
I will rise from death,
to love you…
and maybe then
your poetry will
breath me

Maybe then
you will
become a prophet
wondering around
in the desert
searching for my
deserted home.
all the desert
is my home.
all the poems
are my poems.
but you,
but you...
kill me in your
so I can breath again,
the love I wanted
to kiss you,
the passion I seek to
penetrate in you.

Please do not stop
killing me in your
so I can come back
a nomad,
to your arms
to yet
another home.


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