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Monday, June 04, 2007

and if i said i love you...

[to A.]

and if i said i love you
what will happen to the sun?
will it stop its circles and follow me?
and if i said that the sky only reminds me of you
will the moon leave the blankets of its night
and come to me?

my love, that changes the order of things,
i still remember your smell
leading me to uninhabited corners
of every village i pass by
and your hair...
how your hair
used to transform me into an olive tree
that resists all oppressions

my love, how i still live the dream
of you and me
leaving all that matters in our lives
and follow our dreams
so i keep on forgetting how to live again
how to wake up with every morning
how to wash myself
how to prepare Arabic coffee
and how to drink it with no sugar...

my love, that keeps on moving
underneath my skin
and unfolding my imaginary gifts...
what shall i gift you today?
a river? when your tears are all rivers!
a moon? when it was named after your eyes!
a word? when all words live in your lips!
what shall i gift you today?
my life? when i have forgotten how to live it?

and if i said i love you
what will happen to the sun?
will it rise again with every morning
to remind me of your smiles?
or will it give up my
obsessions with your smiles...?

my love to you is turning
my life upside down
changing the laws of astronomy
the laws of languages
and leaving me puzzled
helplessly chasing an imaginary
memory of your gaze
in the eyes of wild deers
that are known by their shyness.

and if i said i love you
will the sun ever rise again,
giving the unpredictability of
the consequences
of these words,
on the order of things?


  • this is so beautiful. i can feel these words wrap me up and hold me close. it makes me think about how we learn about desire, love, longing and finally acceptance.

    By Blogger ayasha, at 12:57 am, June 06, 2007  

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