EllusiveID: when IDs are illusive and elusive.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

it is amazing
how life takes you
to directions
that only the birds know of...


[to A.]

he whispered in my ears
words of passion
but how i couldn't
not think of you...
he told me how he
would fuck me
and how i would enjoy it...
but how i couldn't
not think of fucking you...
although i would have loved
to touch his dick and feel some
flesh with my hands
and although i wished
to be penetrated
i also wished it was you.

he whispered in my ears
words of beauty
but how i couldn't
not imagine you,
with your lips smiling
reminding me of the sun
when it rises,
as a surprise
every morning...
as if life has its own logic.
how i couldn't not
feel your hair
when he touched my hair
and told me how much he
adored it.

he whispered in my ears words
that are not like all the rest...
and i could not help it but,
remember how your voice
swims inside my chest
moving my lungs
and making it impossible
to breath.

he whispered all sorts of
and all i could hear
were the letters
that compose your name...

wishes of an exile

on the roads just
outside the city of
where life seems dead
"ya allah, ya allah! [Oh God, oh God!]
I wish...", A'reen said,
"I could sit on a balcony
and watch people
as they pass by
to their work
to their homes,
how I wish I had
a balcony...
If we were in Lebanon
all these roads
by these villages
would be filled with people."

imaginary exit

In a cafe'
I sat tired and the sun
melting my eyes,
although arabesque coffee desperately kept me awake,
I took my glasses off
a school bus passed by
the window
and the 'emergency exit'
written on its body
for some reason
read as 'imaginary exit'.